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Not Guilty Verdict on Domestic Violence Terrorizing and Criminal Mischief

Recently, I tried a case in York County where my client was acquitted of Domestic Violence Terrorizing and Criminal Mischief.  The case was fairly complex and the facts were very much disputed.  The final result of the case is another example of why some cases just have to go to trial.  The State was seeking a conviction as part of any plea bargain, and a criminal conviction was not an option for my client.  The Attorney for the State was well-prepared for trial, and the State presented evidence that could have resulted in a guilty verdict.

Based upon my work on the case and trial preparation, I offered the jury a very different view of the events in question.  My trial strategy was to expose how most of the State’s evidence against my client was just one interpretation of a sequence of events that had many other possible interpretations.  I used my opening argument to prepare the jury to actively question the evidence.  Through cross-examination of the State’s witnesses I was able to demonstrate that the evidence presented was not evidence of guilt, but rather evidence of doubt.  Finally, I used my closing argument to tie everything together and persuade the jury that my client was Not Guilty of any crime.  Again, some cases just have to be tried.