Archive | December 2016

Not Guilty Verdict on DV Assault

Last week I obtained a Not Guilty verdict on charge of Domestic Violence Assault after a jury trial in York County. In my career, I have defended hundreds of individuals charged with Domestic Violence offenses. I have significant experience in the Defense of such cases, and I have gained a unique perspective on how to help my client, how to negotiate the case, and knowing how to get the best possible result for every client. Last week, the case needed a jury trial in order to achieve the best result.

Domestic Violence cases are some of the most serious and difficult charges an individual can face. It is crucial that someone charged with any type of Domestic Violence offense be represented by an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.

Going through the experience of being charged with a crime can be one of of the hardest things that an individual can experience. Being charged with a crime of Domestic Violence can affect almost every aspect of an individual’s life. DV convictions can result in the loss of a job, the loss of the right to own or possess a firearm or ammunition, negative effects on child custody, and so many other serious consequences.

Being charged with a DV offense is not the same as being convicted of a DV offense. An experienced Defense Attorney can guide you through the process but more importantly, defend and protect your rights. The first step, and the most important one, after being charged with a DV offense, is hiring the right Defense Attorney.